Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018

Crappity Daze

so...furst ov all, mommies puter died caturday morning so she wint owt an  bot a noo wun and iz all back to normal now.  she had efurryfing backed up to an external drive so she only lost photos of me that weren't posted yet, da nerve dat she did not back doze up too.

den on sunday, da mommie wuz sick and i mean real sickie.  she wint back to bed at noon so i wuz on nurse dootee, keeping her warms.  den at 4 she gits up and bomits in her catbox like nobodies buziness.  it wuz gross, i hadded to leab da room fur a minute den i came back to take care ov her once agin.  nurse Gidget to da rescue.  now she hads a fever so i sent her back to da beddie agin and slept next to her on and off all nite long, and she woke up dis morning and she feels better but not purrfect yet, no fever now, just run down.  so now i iz resting up frum all my nursing dootees.  mommie fanked me fur taking care ov her, it wuz alot of werk.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Birfday

 happy birfday to my mommie.  she iz elebenty and wun yeers old today
mommie yoo can come am party wif me in da party shack today

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


 2 thing mi mom haz observed abowt me that she wunts to share.  One iz dat afur i make mi muffins i git ready to settle down and nappie so i den spin aroun in a circle twice afore i settle down in mi nappy posishun.  She said dat is wat a goggie duz.  NO NO No!!!!!!
second is dat wen efur she gibs me a lick of peenut budder, wen i iz done i den haz to gibs myself a baf.  sheesh...ov corse, dere iz valuble peenut oils in my mouf dat needz to be dis-trib-u-ted all ofur mi furs to make dem softs and silkies....

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rain, rain, rain

Mi catnip plant is gittin drownded by da rain.  Mommie had to prop it up wif shesh kaboob sqwerls so it wood not sit in da wet durt

Sunday, January 7, 2018

muffin makin song

mommie tawt me a song to sing while i make biscuits
rollin on da ribber

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sending purrs to heaven fur Amelia Tropicat

mine and mommies hearts are borked today.  While checking in wif Amelia Tropicat dis mornin, we founds owt dat she died on new years day suffering frum injeries of an attack by a d-o-g.  My mommie is hartbroken and she cried dismornin.  she cried becuz Amelia reminded mommie of da Honey Sunshine and becuz Amelia wuz a brave, adventure cat living a dream life and becuz she died too soon.

You can read about Amelia here and you can see her video here.

We purred this mornin to Honey Sunshine dat she finds Amelia in heaven and gibs her a head butt and some kisses for us so that she does not feel alone.