Monday, November 27, 2023

Jive Talkin.....


so i sitz up here on dee sofa while dee mum iz at dee ofur endz of dee sofa.............
an sumtimez dee mum putz her hand owt towardz me and she sez, "slip me sum paw gurlfurrend"......
i haz no idea wat dat confuzed................

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Ha-pee Thankzgravy Efurrywun!!!!


we iz thankzful fur all owr furry furrendz an their fur lovin rentz.  may yoo all haz full tummiez an full heartz today and eberryday!!  (no mum, i do nawt want to watch dee d-o-g show wif yoo today!)

Friday, November 17, 2023

Backyard Patrol Report


Backyard Patrol Report frum lass nite.....
iz dark dee catnip iz safe frum raiderz........

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Guess What!


i learned to tuck myself in!!!  instead of needing to haz dee mum to help me git into my lionz den(dresser drawer).  i haz learned to not need dee mum to do dee multiple lapz b4 i jump into dee upper shelf.  i learned i can do it my self wifowt dee mum cheering me on cuz i yam a big gurl now!

Sunday, November 12, 2023

How I Spent my Sunday


wif my little pink catnip sock.................yesh, fur sum ov yoo hoo gessed dat it iz a mutts (mooch) liddle pink sock, yesh it iz troo, iz been marinating in sum yeow nip.

Sunday Funnies


Friday, November 10, 2023

Friday, November 3, 2023

Hard Werkin Mancat

 so dee mum wint to home depot on Furriday to gitz sum paint fur dee fence and while she wuz waitin fur dee paint to be shakin wun ov dee home depot werkers camed bak frum hiz lunch break and headed bad to hiz desk.

dis iz Homer.  he werks at owr local home depot.  dee mum iz surprized dat dis iz dee furst time dee mum haz met himz cause we haz libbed here fur 5 yeerz now and dee mum haz bin to diz home depot miny timez befurr, ceptin maybe dee  pandemic upset thingz fur awhile.

Thursday, November 2, 2023



so today, owr hi tempetture was 77 debrees, fur abowt an hour...  3 to 5 days ago, dee low temp in dee early morning was 37 degreez owtside.  so earl-lee in dee mornin, i likez to git up on dee bed with dee mum.  she sleepz wif a body piller.  so iffen i gitz up deer on dee body piller and lay down an slide rite into dee mumz bod-dee, it iz berry,berry warm and cozy an i can stay deer until she wakez up.  berry, berry gra-tee-fying.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

FieldHaven Lahaina Rescue Updates!!


Mamoa is Making Waves After Leaving Maui!

Remember Mamoa? We shared his adventure as a Maui wildfire survivor after he took a plane ride to Sacramento last week. Well, since then, he's only continued to make waves, and he's paw steps away from the happy ending he deserves!

First, People Magazine covered his story. This of course was very cool, and we are so thrilled that they mentioned FieldHaven directly! You can read that article using the button below. 

Mamoa then had an overwhelming number of wonderful people apply to adopt him. We're happy to announce that his new family will be meeting up with him next week! Terri’s 91-year-old mom, Jo, sent an adoption survey for Mamoa, applying on behalf of Terri. They live together and Jo felt it was time for Terri to have a new feline in her life. Her heart is still hurting over the loss of her kitty Maui (yes!) to brain cancer. Terri was ironically in Maui for work so we got to meet her. Not only is she a great fit for Mamoa, but she volunteered at the Annex Recovery Center while visiting, too! We'll be sharing that adoption story when it happens on our social pages, so be sure to watch for it!

Read Mamoa's Read Mamoa's People Magazine article herePeople Article HereArticle Here

Monday, October 30, 2023

Munday Mewz


so this morning dee mum brot me in sum fresh catnip leaves and she also brot in a dried leaf frum the japanese maple dat iz owt front.  she thot that i might find dee dried leaf interesting.  so afur a bit, dee mum turned around to check on me finking dat i probably smashed up dee dried leaf but win she looked ober she saw dat i eat dee catnip leaves and dat dee maple leaf was not there anymore cuz it seemz dat I ATE DEE DRIED MAPLE LEAF TOO!!! it wuz crunchy, like a tater chip!!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Napping in my private lionz den



so i told yoo before, when i wunt to get up an nap in my private lionz den(the dresser drawer) afurr breakfast, furst i haz to get dee mum to follow me into the beddie room an open dee drawer, den i haz to do multiple figure 8 lapz frum dee ped-dest-all and dee right side ov dee drawer b4 i launch myself up into dee drawer and den climb in and descend to dee lower lebel where deer iz a blankie an a less dan plush cat bed.  i haz been doin this almost eberry day now cuz it iz gettin colder here, we cannot eben open dee bak door in dee mornin now cuz it iz cold and still dark owt. 

sometimes, win i take too many lapz before i an reddy to execute my launch, dee mum iz getting im-pay-shunt wit me.  so win i finaly git into dat crouch and launch po-si-shun, dee mum iz now singing owt, "diz gurl iz on fy-ya!!!!"(dee mum haz bin takin too meny gummiez cuz she iz in pain cuz she iz OLD!!)  den i jump up and scurry into my den.

pee ess: deer will be no tockz shotz dis yeer, iz not laydee like to show off my booty like dat

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Lahaina Rescue Update from Joy Smith from Fieldhaven


Mamoa, a Maui Fire Cat, Arriving at Sacramento Airport Tonight

Nearly two months ago, the Lahaina wildfire broke out on Maui, destroying more than 2,000 buildings which included 86% of the residential area. Mamoa, a five-year-old male cat, not only survived the fires but continued to live in the burn zone for almost a month. Tonight, he arrives in Sacramento, with the goal of finding his very own home right here in northern California—the scene of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date, the Camp Fire. Interestingly, Mamoa was born right around the time of the Camp Fire, back in 2018.

As you know, I've been in Maui assisting with the rescue and recovery of the fire cats since early September. I'm working alongside other organizations, including Maui Humane Society and Neighborhood Cats, another FieldHaven team member, and several volunteers, including Dr. Kate Hurley and Dr. Denae Wagner of the U.C. Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program.

Mamoa was described as feral when trapped in the fire zone in early September. When he arrived at the Maui Humane Society annex recovery center a couple of weeks later, I immediately pegged him as a big softie who was not actually feral, but rather, recovering from the trauma he had endured during and after the fire.

Mamoa was initially known as L557. We don’t name cats who arrive at the recovery center because we don’t want to confuse them – after all, they likely have real names. And L557 fit my type—big cheeks, quiet and lazy—which is why I fell for him when we first met. I was right, as he soon showed his very social, relaxed side.
I hoped there was someone out there who knew him and cared for him, but not one person inquired about him. Then, there was a vague comment on an online post featuring his picture, and a woman named Diane came into the recovery center.
She turned her phone to me, displaying the profile picture of L557 on Facebook. She said, "We called this cat Mamoa, and he was often in our backyard in Lahaina. I think he’s here." She, and her husband, had a misty-eyed reunion with Mamoa, sharing photos before and after the fire. In place of his sparkling white fur which he so meticulously kept clean, was a nearly solid grey cat. Remarkably, not even a whisker was singed, despite their neighborhood being completely obliterated.

Diana had nowhere to take him back to, so she signed him over to Maui Humane Society, providing the path for him to move forward for adoption. I officially adopted him, giving me the ability to bring him to FieldHaven, where we will find him just the right home with a family who will cherish him as much as his Maui one did.

The BEST news? Mamoa is currently on his way to FieldHaven, flying “kitty class” with Dr. Hurley and Dr. Wagner. They will meet a FieldHaven foster family at the Sacramento International Airport tonight, so stay tuned for more on his adventure!