Thursday, November 28, 2019


here r d fingz da i yam fankful fur:

my noo houze dat iz so big dat i canz runz all ofur

all da windowz in my noo big houze

all mi lizerd furrend owtside my windows

ok, willy too, win he comez by to say hi

my kitten cave on da bed that iz furry warm

all mi budgie furrend owtside my windows

all da treetz dat mom gibz me

my fuzzy muffin makin blanketz on da sofa

my 2 ped-dest-talz by da windowz

all mi bloggie furrendz

and most ov all, my mommie, she lubz me
   Happee Fankzgibbins efurrywun

Monday, November 25, 2019


so yesserday i wuz sittin on da sofa wif mommie while she eated brekkie an wuz watchin recorded SNL and i heard a noize owt da frunt door.  so mommie got up and looked owt da window and den opened da frunt door and gess who wuz dere.  dat rite, it wuz willy, he wuz on hiz way back home frum werking and he jus thot dat he wood bang on da frunt door an say hi. he iz an odd little fella.

so it iz gettin cold now and mommie makez me a kitten cave on da bed at night.

momz phone haz been takin fuzzy picturez recently, do not know why

Saturday, November 23, 2019

guess wat i gotz

yup, mommie wint to trader joez yesserday.  it smellz reel gud, i cannot wate

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Caturday- feelin barfy

yesserday affurnoon,  affur i did a dasturdly stinkbom in da laydees room, i went to the libbenroom and did 2 ginormouse barfies on the rug.  i meen dey were yuge!!!  den i ranned away to the bedroom while mommie kleened up da piles of bomit.  den mommie camed lukin fur me, i thot i wuz in big trubles. she cleened da laydees room den i went on da beddie and mommie hugged and hugged me an sed she wuz so sorree dat my tummy wuz sick.  dat wuz da furst time i barfied like dat.  i felt crummy. so i tried to sleepz on the bed all affurnoon but wuz furry uncomfurtable.  den mommie pulled down the comfurter so i cood crawl unner and be cozy.  i snuggled up to mommie all nite long.  today i eated sum treets but not my biskits and hung owt wif mommie while she read da noos and drank coffee den i went back unner the covers to do sum more sleeps.
frum mommie:  I don't know what brought on this episode unless it wuz a hairball, but i washed and sanitized her bowls. she hasn't barfed any more, she is just sleep healing.  the emergency vet is only 10 miles away if needed.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Instagram pose

so mommie noticed, that some ov her furrends daughters and grand daughters who have instagram pages, all the gurlz have a standard pose they do, fur instance, turn to the side, one hand on hip and one leg kicked up backwards(like the explanation in the movie the princess diaries).

well, iz have mi own Instagram pose(cept iz not on instagram):

Friday, November 8, 2019

Iz Bwave

 those dead peepuls dancin aroun mi libben room agin.  Tonite I waz bwave and hung out wif dems.
 Fall Fun Run

yikes.............drumz an space................

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mornin Bisit

so willie came byz dis mornin fur a bisit on his way to werk, except dat the door wuz closed becuz it iz cold now, so he had to yell relly loud so da mom cood here him.  and he did, so da mom opened da door up and she petted him.  den she let me smell her hand and it smelled like boycat.