Friday, April 28, 2023

Dee Fashuneesta in us all

 so dis coming munday iz dee and-yoo-all Met Gala.  dis yeerz theme iz going to be “In honor of Karl,” a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, the late fashion juggernaut with an indelible influence but controversial reputation.

 Now iffen yoo do not no abowt mr. Karl, he iz dee daddy ov dee fay-mouse Choupette.

Mr. Karl loved hiz Choupette.  Yoo can read about Choupette here:

 All About Karl Lagerfeld's Beloved Cat Choupette

Choupette iz a fashun model, haz a book abowt herself an haz her own instagram page.  She wuz also invited to the 2023 Met Gala dis yeer.