Friday, June 30, 2023

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Dee Hotz r Coming!!!


we haz a 5 day heatie wave coming starting on Thursday. Caturday and Sunday forecast to be around 105 degreez.  This iz normal where we lives, we haz AC, we iz cool!!


I wanted to tell yoo abowt dee nicky name dee mum haz bin calling me, here we go:

Snoodle poodle

pumpkin pie


lola joan

lola baloney

friskies bref 

Sugar bunz

little monkey

pussy cat girl 

hey, they cood be werse!

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Once more fur Pride Munth


fur all ov owr pride cats owt there, we support yoo not just fur dee munth of joon...................

Monday, June 26, 2023

Nap loop


so i must splain... i haz this loop i do, kinda like a d.o.g. befurr a nap circling hiz blanket.  see i nap in the dresser.  i go in on the drawer that iz pulled owt, an my secrit zen den iz the drawer below.  i haz to be berry ready to execute the jump up to the entry way.  so i do sum lapz between the floor below the rite side of dee open drawer and back thru dee bottom oz my window pet-dest-all on dee left side ov dee photo.  kind ov a figure 8.  some time dee mum followz me, back and forth, trying to urge me on to finishing my ritual so i will get into dee drawer and git comfy and proceed wif my nap.
sum timez dee mum will catch me an jus put me up in dee drawer, sum timez she jus sez, "gidgy, i do not have the time for this, get in or i am closing the drawer"

Monday, June 19, 2023

Saratoga Springs, NY - Dead and Co


i did my blanket solo to my song, days between, then i let John Mayer take a round of guitar solo......

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cat Splaining.........

 so dee mum thot that she shood explain a few things. 

furst, dee weed abatement team.  dee mum and me livez in a active adult community in northern catafurrnarnia.  Woven in between 3000 acres of homes are 2 18 holes golf courses and 27 miles of fitness trails and the trails weave thru nature preserves.  that is where the abatement teams come in.  for fire safety reason, all the growth needs to be maintained especially because it get berry berry hot and dry here.  some of the preserve area have wetlands so there are big burds, beavers, coyotes, bob cats, quails and other animals.  the team does not work the golf courses, only the preserve areas.  since we had a very rainy winter this year, the weed growth wuz yuge!!!!  mum walks dee trails when it iz not hot, but now it iz too hot fur that, she goes to the indoor track at the big fitness center in dee community.

 so dee second thing is:

the dead and company shows, the final tour, which is going on right meow!!!!  mum duz not go to the shows anymore fur lotz of reasons, too old, bad back, yuge ticket prices, even parking in some of the venues lots now cost 75-100 dollars, crowds are too big fur mum, when she used to go the shows were way, way smaller crowds, driving long distances or flying costs, hotel rooms  etc.  soo.....cue the geniuses......Nugs TV,   prices went up this year but instead of spending 700 dollars for a ticket, gas, hotel etc, we watch the show LIVE!!!  in our living room for 35 dollars a show.  it is streamed with multi cameras and incredible sound quality, it's like being at the show right at the front of the stage, "riding the rail"(at the front of the stage)  as they say.  dee mum haz owr 55" tv set up as the second monitor for the laptop and quad sound.  no bathroom lines, full bar, full kitchen and special features,ME!!!!  the east coast shows start at 4 or 5 pm pst so we still get to bed on time.  there is even a half time show during the set break put on by 2 dead head archivist that go over first set highlights and do pre-video taped interviews with the band members and other members of dead community. they do this on zoom, they even interviewed the owner of nugs, brad serling.

these are dee mums grateful dead tickets that are framed in the spare bedroom, the bigger tickets are for new years eve shows that the famed Bill Graham used to put on the the bay area.

dee mum only bot 7 shows to watch for the 23 show on the tour.  but every night that they play, nugs will show the first songs for both sets live for free on nugsnet youtube page, sometimes nugs will get generous and let the free feed run for 20 minutes worth of the set because THEY R AWESUM!!(or someone is just stoned and forgot)  sometimes they will give us live audio stream only for the whole show cause once again, THEY R AWESUM!!

so there you have it.  its a show nite and the show starts 4pm pst philly, not a paid show nite so we will watch the set openers.  I yam ready!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2023



yum...gooshy foodz.......
I wonder if I can git mum to make me a catnip salad as a palate cleanser....

Friday, June 9, 2023



yoo go an shake your sugareee ober there in chi-town wif all dee other deadheads.....

Monday, June 5, 2023

All Apologeez

 Guess who camed by the next morning to apologize

 I forgibz him

Munday Munday


yesserday mornin, 5am.  dee mum got up cuz she was awake and she wanted to see dee full moon before it went down and as she opened dee bedroom winder to let sum cool air in, we had a bisiter on dee catio.  guess who!?!?  dee mum sez:  "good mornin mr. willie!"  datz rite, afurr dee church of dee full moon mornin serbissez, mr. willie wuz by to grab a little nip before going home furr hiz afurr church nap.  So dee mum camed around and opened dee back door and wint owt to say hello.  She petted mr william and when she turned around she saw me at dee back door.  She told mr. willie, as he munched on my catnip leaves, dat he needed to go say hi to me and he needed to thank me fur dee nip dat he wuz eatin as it wuz my nip.  so yoo know what he did, he camed ofurr to dee screen and he lunged at dee screen and gabe off a little cranky growl.  HOW ROOD!!!!  dee mum told himz dat dat wuz not berry nice  so he went back ofurr to dee mum and gabe another cranky growl. den he camed ofurr to the screen and he rubbed dee edge of dee door way.  dee mum jus camed in and started to make her coffee and git me my breakie. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023