Tuesday, September 26, 2023

She's Got Legz....................


 she noze how to uze them...............  mum tinkz dat my leg stripez r cute!

Update from Lahaina- week 3

 just an update from Joy Smith, of owr local rescue FieldHaven.  She iz in Lahaina helping rescue all dee kittiez.

Week 3 in Maui

Monday, September 25, 2023

Gidget Splaining............


so i wuz layin here lass nite, belly up, in all my floofy glory, an dee mum camed an started gibbin me a belly rub an she sed, "gidgy, yoo know, iffen yoo r nine yeerz ol, den in kitty yeerz yoo r an old lady, like arownd 54 yeerz old".  Den she started singin diz song, "shez da liddel old laydee frum pazadeena, go granny, go granny , go granny go!"  

lissen heer womin!!! who yoo callin old?  eben iffen dat iz troo, i iz still yunger dan yoo!  an next yeer, i will still be yunger dan yoo!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Sunday Funnies




I will be hanging owt and listening to Farm Aid today while de mum clean dee houze an den clean herself an washes her hairz.  here iz dee line up, last to first, meaning Willie iz the show closer.  Watch here starting at 11:30 am eastern time.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Lahaina Update

 Maui Humane Society
16h  ·
On Monday, September 18th our team of trappers went out to Lahaina like they have been every single day since August 9th. They refilled the 75 food/water stations, set traps and then collected those traps at the end of their very late night, bringing all the cats that were trapped to the Maui Humane Society.
On this particular Monday our trapping team brought back a few cats, one of them a distinct-looking white and black female cat. The next morning we immediately started the steps of our Cat Rescue Protocol which involves full (sedated if needed) examinations, deworming, vaccinations, flea/tick medicine and spay/neuter.  During the white and black cat's exam, our staff noticed she was lactating! This meant that her litter of kittens was still somewhere in Lahaina, needing her milk. Our trapping team was informed and they went out that very night, determined to find her kittens.
They searched the area where the mama cat was found, played momcat calling sounds and soon enough, they heard some teeny tiny meows! The kittens were nearby! They traced the sounds of the kittens, they were coming from a small pocket that was under a collapsed cinderblock wall. The team carefully removed each brick by brick and found 3 little kittens! MHS staff met the trappers on the burn zone perimeter to bring the kittens back to the shelter to be reunited with their mama right away.
The family of 4 are now at the shelter. They have shelter, food, water and a safe space. This is just one story of 4 little lives saved out of the hundreds that are currently in our care.
Joy Smith (FieldHaven Feline Center), Karen (PDX Cat Trapper), Jeanie (@fromthebusheswithjeanie ), Yvonne (Maui Humane Society) and Kalea Dean have been doing incredible work caring for and rescuing the displaced cats in Lahaina. Mahalo to all for the support we have been receiving from around the world, we are grateful to be able to tell stories like these.
#mauistrong #mauihumanesociety #lahaina #maui #survivors #kokuamaui


Saturday, September 16, 2023

Update on Lahaina fire cats from our local rescue


One Week in Maui's Fire Zone

FieldHaven is one week into the fire zone in the town of Lahaina in Maui. I'll be sharing our journey directly since I'm helping to lead the rescue team, along with Karen Phillips of PDX Cat Trapper, Maui Humane Society (MHS) and Neighborhood Cats. Our goal? Keep the fire cats alive with hope and full bellies while setting the stage to get each and every one of them out of the fire zone to safety, whether that’s reuniting them with their families, taking them to shelters or rescues, or relocating them to other places – as long as it gives them the life they deserve.
Day one was repurposing existing space at MHS to allow housing for more fire cats. At the end of the day, 27 recovered community cats were in more comfortable housing.
Days two and three were checking, restocking and setting up more than 25 feeding stations through Lahaina. This is the first step towards rescuing cats after a fire.
Why? Even amid the destruction of their home space, cats will often stay nearby their homes. But if there is an extended time without food sources they will begin to migrate away from the area in search of food.
With cats scattered all over a 5+ square mile area of the burn zone, they must be gathered by creating feeding stations. These stations will pepper the burn area, even in areas where the wildfire randomly skipped over homes. It’s a daunting task to get the whole zone set up with stations, and they need to be maintained and managed.
Because of serious space limitations at MHS we are targeting cats for trapping. Only those cats who need medical attention, are looking frail, have known owners or just need to get out of the burn, are trapped.
Until a space is found to house the recovery center, we’ll continue to keep the kitties who are in the burn area well fed and ensure they have fresh water. In the meantime, we are learning from the cats. Their location, their behavior, who they are.
We are spending 8-10 hours in the five square mile burn zone each day. Traversing every road, every street, every alley way, starting at about 4 pm and finally leaving around 1 am. We monitor existing feedings stations and set up new stations where we spot cats or sightings have been reported.
After dark as we drive between feeding stations, our eyes are constantly searching for “eye shine”, that unmistakable glow of cats’ eyes as a beam of light hits them.
We estimate there are 400 to 500 cats needing rescue from the zone. One location we discovered yesterday has 40-50! Bringing all these cats out of zone can’t happen overnight, and while working with the teams at MHS and Neighborhood Cats we are getting so much accomplished, we have miles and miles to go.
This is a HUGE project.
If you want to see and hear more:
As far as how you can help, here's a special link for our Maui Cat Team. This will also directly benefit a few cats who (shhh, don’t tell anyone) will probably come back with us at some point.
And thank you for your support. It takes a village and with our fire rescue expertise team, we’re going to go a long way to helping victims in Maui.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Dating Profile


How yoo doin?

I luv lazy daze, lizzerd watching and belly rubz......................

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

He Camed by


willie camed by early dis mornin to wish me a ha-pee birthday....
he sed he tried to come by on sunday but he had to hang wif hiz dadderz cause dere wuz a 49ers game on, yoo no, boy stuff, an affur dee game, he fell asleep

Tuesday, September 12, 2023



me finkz dee mum iz trying to starbe me!  lass nite i hadz to git up on dee cawfee table an stare dee mum down cuz i wuz so hungree an deer wuz no foodz left in my food bowl.  see, since she used dee "D" werd, she haz bin gibbing me less crunchy bitz in my food bowl.  so by affurr noon, i haz almost no bitz left in my bowl.  

so i toldz her, "hey womin, i haz a hungry!!  yoo iz trying to starbe me!!!!  Dis haz to stop!!!"  "Yoo jus had a Sausalito cookie an i haz no foodz in my bowl!!!"

an yoo no, it werked!  she gotz up an got sum crunchy bitz an put dem in my foodz bowl!!  she sed she wuz sorry an dat she wood do better.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Thank Yoo


thank you all fur dee birthday wishez.  I ate, i napped alot and hung owt and surveyed dee backyard.  and (sniff) Willie did not come by to (sniff) wish me a happy birthday

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Sunday Funnies




i no i look grumpy but i yam not.  i wuz sun meditatin.  Sunday iz ma birfday, i will be 9 yeerz old.  i can not beleeve dat i haz bin wif my mum fur 8.5 yeerz already.  i luvz my mum an i luvz my houze.  mum sed i can haz sum geek yogert fur ma birfday, maybe sprinkled wif crunched up treetz wif dee gushy centerz.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Trust Fund Baby


Dee mum updated her estate trust yesterday, it's paper that tell efurryone what she wants done with her stuff when she dies. She also haz a pet trust in there that left monies fur someone to take care of me.  i'm a trust fund baby! maybe i shood go owt and git myself a pet chi-wa-wa. i could dress it up in expensive chi-wa-wa clothes and we could ride around town in a limozeen. an say fingz like "that's hot!"

Monday, September 4, 2023

No Laboring today.......................

 “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” – Jimmy Buffett

no laboring today.......................