Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Feeling Better today............

 i ate my breakie and lunchabullz and iz habin my afurrnoon nap......

 mum wantz to no iffen anywun nose what dis plant is

 iz growin in owr backyard, planted by the previous owner. itz grow from a bulb.


  1. Glad you feel better. No clue about the plant.

  2. No idea here either. I don't do plants! SO glad you're feeling better.

  3. Gidget, keep up the good work of eating!
    This plant reminds me of the peonies we have; that's an uneducated guess, sorry.

  4. The plant is called Lenton Rose. In my neck of the woods they are one of the first things to bloom that are not native to Ohio. I believe they are also called hellebore. And Gidget we are glad that you're feeling good enough to eat well today after going to the you know where.

  5. We're glad you're feeling better, Gidget.

    Next time you have a plant you need to identify, you can use PlantNet which is a great phone app. You take a photo and bingo, it tells you what it is!

    The Chans

  6. We have to agree with Precious and Lynn. They are one of the first to come up here, but we won't see ours for a while yet
    The Deer ate all of ours last year. Purrs Marv