Friday, June 28, 2019

Houze arrest day elebenty free

mommie haz to habz IV antibionics fur free daze............

frum mommie:  well you know  life is just a long, strange trip, always throwing you curveballs, a comedy of errors.  I had nothing to do this afternoon so I thought I hang out in the E.R.  actually I had tickets to see Hootie and the blowfish, so my friends had to go without me.

Sending love to Janiss ,Summer, Boodie and Binga tonight. 

 Jail burd..........


  1. OMC ! That is a substantial wound ! Sending more purrayrs and POTP.

  2. You would have been in a world of hurt if you'd gone to the concert, so you've saved yourself that...which is absolutely NO HELP at this point, sorry! I know several people who've been hospitalized over cat bites...and one who came down with cat scratch fever, but that's neither here nor there...feel better!