Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Wunt a Middle name

I wuz wunderin how come i dun't habs a middle name like Honey Sunshine or Summer Samba.  i finks frum now on i wunt to be known as Gidget Cha Cha.

Ha Cha Cha.......


  1. I like it! MOL. Actually my full name is Tajhara Summer Samba, so I have a pre-first name too! (Tajhara is the little cattery I came from.)

  2. Gidget ChaCha suits you. I think my middle name must be Skins because my mum often calls me Flynnie Skins. She calls me Chimmy Chipsticks too but I don't know why, and neither does she.

  3. Very Nice, Mz. Cha Cha CHA!!!!!!

    We also have complicated names. Genji's full name, for example, is Genji des Rêves d'Aton! A bit of a mouthful, doncha think?!

    The Chans

  4. Better than mine: Wibbers.

    Bibber Wibbers. How humiliating is THAT?

    xx The BABY

  5. Oh we like it, Gidget Cha Cha. None of us have middle names. We need to change that.

  6. "Cha, Cha, Cha" has even more history... But whatever name ya use, we will too.