Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Iz Toozday

 wat iz dat boom boom noyze?
take dat thunder........................

frum da mum:  it's been super hot and humid and it even rain yesterday morning,  we normally do not get humidity here nor do we get rain in the summer in California unless you are up in the Sierras.  It's supposed to get near 107 later in the afternoon today.  The humidity is kinda nice, it reminds me of Hawaii or growing up on the east coast.  But the clouds are messing with our solar panels and not generating as much electricity.  This heat wave is supposed to run thru the end of the month.  

pee ess: we do haz cold air blowy fing(AC) in fact i haz to sleep unner da coberz on da beddie cuz it iz cold!!!


  1. gidget; we due knot like heet ore humidz; courz we due knot like bee low zee roe either... which we will be fussin bout ina few monthz !!! stay safe :) ♥♥

  2. Scary sound that thunder. Precious goes under the bed, if she
    is not already there, mol. Hope you get cooler weather soon
    or lots of air conditioning.

  3. That is really hot. I live in New England and I hate the humidity.

  4. Oh dear, Gidget! Heat and humidity are normal for summer in The Midwest, but usually it stays below 100.
    I turn on fans, and blow them right at me!

  5. We had 106 down here in SoCal! My human and I are limp, even with the A/C. Boodie, being smarter than either of us, is downstairs where the A/C works better.