Saturday, October 1, 2022



iz houze cleaning day. da mum haz already asked me 3 times if i haz changed the sheets on da bed yet.  yoo no wat, iz NOT MY JOBBIE!!!!!  an while yor at it, make sure dat my laydeez room smellz pritty when yoo iz done.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thurstday Update


we iz werried bowt owr furrends in the hurricanez path, da wonderpurr gang and da mum of the late grate daisy the curly cat.

Da mum haz 18 stitchez in her furr head.  it lukz gruesome, she sez she will spare yoo da pixture.  she sez da rootz canal wuz a breeze, but her mouf an her headz is sore still. So to pampurr herself she iz gonna watch Bobby Weir and the wolf bros from kennycut on Caturday at 3"00pm specific time.  dis will make her happies, an da dead peeple will be dansin in my libbenroom agin.

Bobby Weir and the Wolf Pack


pee ess:  da mum takez bak wat she sed bowt da root canal being a breeze, now dat all da numbz weared off her toof hertz lots

Monday, September 26, 2022

Farm Aid


mum wuz watching willie doin farm aid on caturday and she made me danse wif her and she was singin bowt mama's do not let yor babiez grow up to be cowboys an sumfing bowt pickin guitars and driving ole truckz and she wuz spinning me around on owr danse floor an i wuz gitten dizzy an i thot i wuz gonna hurl........... 

 oh  pee ess:  da mum cood use sum purrz later dis week, wenzday mum iz gitten stitches in her furr head(skin cancer) and thurstday  dey r sum root canal a toof. so on furr-i-day i yam on nurse doody.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Furrendz on Friday


diss iz my furrend miss lubey dubey
she comez to say hi eberry morning owtside the winder where my pet-dest-all iz