Friday, October 21, 2022

Egg-citin Nooz

ha-pee danse!!!    Da mum wint to lunch wif a whole cackle ov naybor ladiez yesserday..............
several obz dem started takin bowt mr. willie an how much they miss hiz bisits.............
den wun ov da ladiez reported dat williez noo mum and dad sez dat he stayz home alot more now dat he iz older an also stayz in at nite and iz berry happy to do so.  dey eben cut a hole in da fence to deer bakyardz so dat willie doez not habz to climb ober da fence to get into da bakyardz.  dey luvz mr. willie.


  1. happee fry day two ewe gidget….we haz knot for getted bout
    ewe…we iz still on stoopid internetz heer and canna commint much
    any mor….hope ewe N mum iz happee N healthee and we iz buzzed
    happee bout willie❤️🐟 pea ezz…if yur mum will let ewe sharez yur emailz, we like ta sendz R friendz cardz frum de jacquie lawson website bout onze a month, just to keep in touch, let uz noe if yur mum sayz thatz wood bee oh kay …we thinkz ewe can see R email frum
    thiz commint ?

  2. iz so furry happy to hear 'bouts da willie. iz missed seeing him visit with you Gidget. Precious

  3. That is wonderful news ! Purrs to you and Willie !

  4. I am glad Mr. Willie is doing well.

  5. gidget….eye sawz yur commint N we total lee understand coz itz de same heer…may bee one oh theez dayz we can both set up a google
    a count …on a count of bee coz …. then we will knot tell R mumz…just willie ! 😸😸😸 then we can all spiez on…stuff 😸😸😸 happee week end two ewe…N mum…N bee happee and healtheez….we had snowz on MONday…yeow…letz knot ree pete that !