Friday, February 25, 2022

Oh Mi Cod!!!!!


iz freezy owtside, 25 degreez dis mornin..............i hopez dat willy iz warm owt dere, we haz not seen himz fur awhile, da mum iz worried.  (mum sez i wuz snoring...i wuz not snoring)


  1. Wondered why you had not talked about Willy. Hope he is ok.
    We had bad ice storm last night and the power went out this morn
    for 4 hours. Thank goodness the furnace is now running. Stay inside
    and warm Gidget. Precious is high in her closet wearing a warm grey
    onesie. I could have used one like it earlier.

  2. Gidget, you should suggest that your humom get her hearing checked!

  3. gidget; that iz cold for yur houz ~~~~~ YEOW.....we hopez willy iz aye oh kay az well~~~~~ happee week end two ewe :) ♥♥

  4. We hope Willy is ok too ! It was so cold theother week our huMomn made all our outdoor kitties (3) come in. One of them has not wanted out again.

  5. When we have cold snaps, my human worries about the outside kitties here.

  6. Mom always worries about outside kitties. I wonder if your mom can inquire of the neighbor that perhaps has him in her care?