Saturday, January 16, 2016


mommie wint to the Cat Show in Roseville this morning and met Summer.  I did not git to go wif her but i gots to smells Summer on her hands.
Mommie sez dat Summer iz furry petite and very relaxed and Mommie saw all kinds ov purrty kitties.


  1. How pawesome that your mom got to meet Summer (and that you got to sniff her on your mom's hands), Gidget. But I bet your mom's glad to be back home with you now! Purrs!

  2. That was exciting for your mum to meet Summer.

  3. Our mom got to meet Summer one time too. But we never got to smell Summer. Lucky you!

  4. I had SO much fun meeting your human, and so did my human! I'm glad she enjoyed the show. I wound up getting finals in four out of six rings... but I will have more to say about all that on Monday.

  5. Wow! Your Mommie got to meet Summer and her Mom? That is so cool! Our #1 would love to meet them!

    The Chans